Friday, September 9, 2011

Celebrating Talaq


I think it was in the year 2004 I visited my dear friend in Chennai who is a lawyer in the High court of Madras. The moment I reached her home in the evening my friend was waiting for my arrival to take me along with her for a party in Chennai. Two of her junior lawyers also were there with my friend and we all went to the party.  I had no clue about the party and also not curious to know about it. We all reached a home of a Muslim family in Chennai where the party was organized.
 It was one of the memorable dinners I ever had in my life time, different varieties of very delicious non vegetarian food was served.  The family members were so nice with the guests and served the food with love. I was bit over eaten due to the taste and extra care of the people. I was wondering what the celebration was about but, still didn’t check with anyone.
 My friend introduced me to her friend’s family and especially to Sabena, daughter of the family. Sabena is an educated and beautiful young lady of around 25 years old. Sabena had two small children .She was the happiest person in the party and presented expensive gifts to my friend and her junior lawyers. I became impatient and asked Sabena what was the function about?  Sabena told me that she got divorce from her cruel husband after a stressful legal fight with help of my lawyer friend and celebrating Talaq
Sabena is not the real name of the person.


Geetha said...

This is a positive way of expressing their freedom. I wish all the women are able to express their joy and freedom they enjoy at the end of a traumatic marriage like this lady. This person seems to have had a supportive family with her to celebrate the freedom.

Namrata K said...

A really well-written piece. So thrilled for 'Sabeena', it's the first time i'm hearing about such a celebration. Women who survive cruel husbands and violent marriages must celebrate their battles. I hope Sabeena finds true happiness for herself and her children now that she is a free woman. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Freedom is a great reason for a party!

V.L. Santhosh said...

I am not surprised. We are living in the land of Periyar. We should raise our voice for the oppressed society like women. This is the time for men to change their attitudes.